Because we are true film and TV professionals you can rest assured that if you choose Wedding Films Scotland to capture your wedding day you will be entrusting this precious task to a group of people totally committed to producing a creatively dazzling and technically impressive film.


Your wedding film will be shot in True High Definition, Ultra HD 4K, using the latest in Broadcast camera and sound technology. However, if you can for a moment remember and imagine any Film or TV drama that you have loved, then know that all of the creative techniques and equipment used there are also available for your wedding film production. Whether that be Steady Cams, Remote Cranes, High flying Drones, or Dollies and track, its all there waiting to be put to use.

Our wedding films offer high end film production techniques and equipment with advanced storytelling and time shifting movie editing. Always filmed with multiple cameras’ using cinematic film equipment to create a movie of your wedding day, all films are shot by a Creative Director, Professional Cinematographer, and Professional Sound Engineer.

Click on our "Packages" to find out more about our filming options, including our exciting new Documentary Package, or you can check out our "Pro Equipment​" to have a look at all the equipment you could have access to.